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Tropics Magazine™, 1st bi-lingual magazine for the multiracial community. Twitter: @tropicsmagazine E-mail: tropics.info@gmail.com Blog:http://tropicsmagazine.over-blog.com/

TROPICS Magazine is the definitive voice of the modern experience reaching out ...to Africans all around the world. The publication is poised to become the leader in tropical issues through entertainment, culture, lifestyle features and more.

TROPICS Magazine has become the first bi-lingual magazine from South Africa which is directed to English and/or French readers worldwide. The term 'Tropics' refers to either of two parallels of latitude on the earth, one 23°27 north of the equator and the other 23°27 south of the equator, representing the points farthest north and south at which the sun can shine directly overhead and constituting the boundaries of the Torrid Zone. Even if we are proud of our African roots, we keep an eye on the global headlines. TROPICS Magazine offers a network for driven, optimistic and intelligent men and women. TROPICS Magazine is an organization of young men and women who are working towards building a legacy for young people who feel inspired to do amazing and outrageous things; an empire of young minds who are challenged to think outside the box and inspire the rest of the world.

TROPICS Magazine is "For Those Who Pave The Way Forward."

The world of the media has been changed greatly by the development of new media technologies and convergence has been one of the central issues that has driven new developments. The internet is possibly the area which will have the most impact in the future. We have looked at the way in which magazines have converged with the internet. Magazines have always been a popular form of entertainment. They are read by different people who vary in sex and age, there are magazines available in the market to suit many different requirements. Magazines available range from specialist hobby magazines to computer magazines, there are also specialist magazines which are created especially for niche markets. Since the integration of magazines and the internet we are able to enjoy quality, proliferation, and interactivity. Welcome to TROPICS MEDIA FINDER official page!

__________________________________________________Le monde des médias a été affecté par le développement de nouvelles technologies des médias et cette convergence a été l'une des questions centrales qui a conduit à de nouveaux développements. L'Internet est peut-être la région qui risque d'avoir le plus d'impact à l'avenir. Nous avons examiné la façon dont les magazines ont convergé avec l'Internet. Les magazines ont toujours été une forme de divertissement populaire. Ils sont lus par des personnes de différents sexes et âges. A cet effet, on trouve des magazines disponibles sur le marché pour répondre à de nombreuses exigences specifiques. Depuis l'intégration des magazines et l'Internet nous sommes en mesure d'apprécier la qualité, la prolifération et l'interactivité. Bienvenue sur la page officielle de TROPICS MEDIA!
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