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Tropics Magazine - 3rd Anniversary Issue: Out Now - Press

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March 9th, 2013: The 3rd anniversary issue of Tropics Magazine celebrates the past and the future.

Since its launch on 11th March 2010, Tropics Magazine has become known as the first Bi-lingual (English/French) digital magazine from Africa, for its great writing, award- nominating design and the ability to identify talents whose work is professional, timely and instructive.

Following this tradition, the anniversary issue highlights beauty, fashion, lifestyle entrepreneurs whose work has made our magazine the most luxurious digital publication from Africa to the world. Celebrating a woman like Senegalese Fashion Designer, Eva Gabarra, on the March issue cover is sending out a powerful message. Women of today are not just mothers and wives but have become, over time, women of substance and she is the proof of this statement. This issue – including the business entrepreneurs like Ashish J. Thakkar and Magatte Wade; artists like the late Miriam Makeba ‘Mama Africa;’ the Accessories Designer Lauriane Pernock; the Hairstylist O’Natty Kreasyon to name but a few– give an overview of how talented these people are and how far their work can be seen.

Also included are original contributions from Valerie Sosso Moukouelle, the Editor; our international correspondents and writers Srimal Fernando (South Asia), Nurdan Duzgun (Turkey), Wanda Nicot (French Caribbean) that all provide different visions of the future.

Other highlights of the issue include special reports of major fashion events our photographers had the pleasure to cover. You will have the pleasure to re-live the Fashions Finest London Fashion Week covered by Des Richards in the United Kingdom, the Ottawa Fashion Week covered by Andre Bergeron in Canada and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York attended by R. Anthony Morrison in the United States of America. Plus a review of a must-see competition, the 2013 Top Models of Colour.

This fully loaded collector’s issue, which also includes various lifestyles, reviews and other interesting reads, is awaiting your attention. Missing reading this one will surely be regretted.

In the words of Vénicia Guinot, Redactor-in-Chief & Founder “Content is King, in the same breadth it’s the King of an issue. With unmatched content and top talents from Africa, Europe, America and now Asia in one issue, Tropics Magazine rightly justifies the tag of the ‘3rd Anniversary issue.”

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